About Ipcress

We remember going to the movies as kids to watch our heroes save the world, all the while having our own world transformed. Film made our lives creatively richer, more colorful, inspired and enriched. Moving pictures are our first love, our obsession, and our way to tell new stories.

Moving pictures are our first love, our obsession, and our way to tell new stories. Ipcress Films is a small team of producers with a wide range of abilities, depth of experience and drive to craft original and engaging productions. We’re blending our business background with creative vision to ensure that our films are marketable success stories, loved by audiences and the many people involved in creating them. Our team is made up of artists, business lovers, storytellers, leaders, team players and obsessed creatives. Our experience in Film and Television spans twenty years. From drama to documentary, to live prime-time entertainment and reality shows; we’ve worked as developers, producers, series producers and directors.

Some past productions that we’ve worked :

Apocalypto, Ghosted, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Doc Martin, Hells Kitchen, Big Brother, Hollyoaks, Jack Osbourne, Adrenaline Junkie, William & Mary, Kelly Osbourne – Turning Japanese, Extreme Celebrity Detox, Extreme Archaeology, Take me to the Edge, Berghaus BASE-jump Cinema Commercial, London ‘Ave’ Television Commercial, Depth Charge, Nancy, Sid and Sergio, The Golden Boy and Suicide Man.

In Production

Ipcress Films currently has a number of projects in production
Film X: a deeply disturbing look at exorcisms.  Are they psychological or supernatural? (Due for release in Autumn 2014)
The Fixer: A TV series following the exploits of a leading hypnotist who performs miracle interventions on impossible cases of human despair. (Filming summer 2014)
An end to all diets: The real cause to the obesity epidemic, that has little to do with ‘what we eat’ and everything to do with ‘why we eat’. (In production)

 There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness 


Our Projects

Check out the trailers for our completed short films. More coming soon including our first feature film 'The Exorcist Diaries'

Golden Boy

Suicide Man

After tragically losing his wife, Frank Richard’s can’t help being drawn back to the scene of her suicide: a blustery and remote cliff top coastline. But as he attempts to help other souls on the brink of oblivion, his life takes a darkly comic turn for the worse with a series of embarrassing mishaps, the unwanted attention of a bungling bureaucratic pen-pusher and the possibility of a new and rocky romance….

Nancy Sid and Sergio

When God and the Devil go on a rock climbing weekend in Wales it’s down time, a chance to call a temporary truce. But, when they discover Nancy slumped at the bottom of a cliff, old rivalries soon surface when she joins them for a day of adventure. As night falls, they take shelter in a remote abandoned chapel and Nancy begins to feel a creeping sense of the strange about the the two men who introduced themselves as Sid and Sergio. When day breaks she is confronted by the horrific danger of her immediate predicament and the terrifying reality of what her future could hold.

I think one of the privileges of being a filmmaker is the opportunity to remain a kind of perpetual student. 



Awards and nominations for 2 of our projects 'Nancy Sid and Sergio' and 'Golden Boy'


A great movie evolves when everybody has the same vision in their heads 


The Ipcress Team

Craig Pickles (Director)

Craig is co founder of Ipcress Films. His primary role is to drive the creative position of the company through acquisition and assessment of scripts as well as directing features. Having rocketed through his early days from humble runner to series producer (in only two years) Craig has crafted his abilities on dozens of TV shows, dramas and award winning short films. He has also series produced multi million pound TV shows that have had distribution in over sixty countries.

Craig’s TV credits include:

  • Hollyoaks,
  • Big Brother,
  • I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here,
  • Hell’s Kitchen,
  • Jack Osbourne Adrenalin Junky,
  • Kelly Osbourne – Turning Japanese,
  • The Salon, Love Island,
  • The Golden Boy (winner of eight awards)
  • Suicide Man
  • Nancy, Sid and Sergio (winner of eleven awards)
  • Craig recently finished directing five episodes of the critically acclaimed, ‘ Suspects’.

Mike Weeks (Producer)

Mike has produced and associate produced adventure films and prime-time entertainment such as, ‘Extreme Celebrity Detox’, and ‘Jack Osbourne, Adrenaline Junkie’.

Mike wrote, co financed and produced Ipcress’ latest feature film, ‘The Devil’s Mark’ which will be released in the UK in 2014.

Mike also produced the award winning short film, ‘Nancy, Sid & Sergio’.

Mike has twelve years experience of running his own companies, starting in event management and extreme sports sponsorship and then business and behavioral consulting where he coached start-ups and major corporations to create strategies and communication models.

Mike has given keynote speeches on business performance to Barclays Bank, Virgin Finance, HSBC, Deloittes and numerous other financial and corporate clients.

Joanne Dixon (Producer and Business affairs)

Jo is Ipcress’, head of business management and is responsible for overseeing all Ipcress project budgets, as well as the execution of each film’s major and minor production processes. Jo’s meticulous planning and strategy skills make her the obvious team member to ensure that the company’s five-year plan is realized within allocated budgets and time frames.

Jo has now been working in feature films, TV drama, factual entertainment/documentaries and promotional/corporate videos for ten years.

Her credits include:

  • ‘Martin Clunes: Man To Manta’,
  • ‘Ghosted’, starring John Lynch and Art Malik.
  • Film X
  • Other credits include co-ordinating and producing film and television productions such as:
  • Doc Martin
  • Baseline
  • William & Mary
  • Apocalypto
  •  The Academy
  •  And numerous promos & corporate videos including: ‘BMW’, ‘Closer Magazine’, ‘Halfords’, ‘NHS’ and ‘Goldman Sachs’. 

Caroline Levy
(Consultant Producer)

Caroline brings twenty years of feature film experience to Ipcress Films and is consultant decision maker on the company’s projects. Having managed multiple big budget features, Caroline is well positioned to ensure that Ipcress operates as effectively as older and more established production companies.

She started working in documentaries, TV drama and comedy, and moved on to work exclusively in films in 2000 as a Producer and Line Producer.

Her credits include the Bafta winning and Oscar nominated:

  • An Education
  • West is West
  • The Firm
  • Horrid Henry
  • The Sweeney
  • Song For Marion
  • A long way down